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We’ve all been there

Feeling sick, needing help from a doctor quickly, and realising that the doctor’s clinic is closed after hours or on a Saturday or Sunday. Sometimes we’re just too busy to go during the day, and by the time we arrive home, there’s no time to go to the medical centre and get a check-up. At other times, the last thing we want to do whilst sick is travelling to and waiting for hours at the doctor’s office – to then only be seen for a few minutes.

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Doctors available for you, when you need them most

We no longer need to wait to get treated, while having sleepless nights until the doctors' clinic opens the next day. Our GP’s are available:
- 24 hours a day
- 7 days a week
- After hours every day (including Saturday and Sunday)
- 365 days a year

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5-20 years experienced doctors
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How does doctoroo work?

Doctoroo is a telemedicine platform with a wide range of qualified and experienced Australian doctors. You can sign up for free, enter your symptoms or reason for the consult, select a doctor, choose a suitable time, enter your payment details and confirm your booking. You’ll then receive an SMS confirmation when your GP has confirmed your consultation. From here, simply have your doctoroo account open, ready to join the video call at the booked time.

Why see a doctor online?

With increasing number of Australians using telemedicine every year, it's now clear that having access to an online doctor has many benefits, including:
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Save travel time
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Avoid catching a virus at the clinic
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Accessible 24/7/365
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From the comfort & privacy of your home
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Get a medical certificate, script or referral
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Get more rest while sick

The doctoroo platform is here to connect you with a doctor that will deliver the best possible healthcare, from the convenience of your home or office

How much does it cost?

Making your doctoroo account is free! Consultation fees vary between GP's and the time of day, but start from approx. $35 per consult. Create an account and see available doctors today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a 24 hour online telemedicine platform and an after hours GP helpline, Doctoroo allows you to:
book a doctor online, get the advice you need, and obtain a prescription, medical certificate or referral.
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See a Doctor Today, Wherever you are

How do I get started?
Taking care of your health doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming, and with Doctoroo, it’s just one click away.
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See a doctor Today, from just $24

Taking care of your health begins with a single step, make a doctoroo account and see a doctor today.

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