What is doctoroo?

Doctoroo is a telehealth and medication management platform that empowers doctors to treat more Australian patients with simplicity, convenience and quality.


We bring you the patients

Our specialised marketing and deep industry relations attracts patients who immensely benefit from our platform, helping you treat more patients daily.

Or you can bring your own

Our platform also allows you to treat your existing or selected patients only. There's also the flexibility of choosing to do both.

Take your practice online


We're about to make your life and work a lot easier.

Doctoroo makes it possible to offer your health services to patients across Australia, anytime, anywhere you are.

Whilist reducing overheads, such as rent, admin, office and travel costs, you can now practice medicine from your home, or anywhere in Australia.


What do your patients need?

Accessing doctoroo simply requires an internet-connected device. Put simply, if patients can access Facebook, they now have access to a doctor.

This is specially beneficial for patients who live in remote areas, who are housebound or simply can't make the time for a much needed consultation. These patients now have simple and affordable access to healthcare - through you.


Privacy, safety & security

Doctoroo was developed and is constantly being advanced with crucial input from innovative and respected healthcare professionals including doctors, pharmacists and medical scientists.

Our platform is Australian healthcare legislation-compliant, is stored in Australia in highly secured data centres.

Our platform has earned high reviews from both practitioners and patients a like. The effectiveness of telemedicine has also been evaluated in everal major cliical studies...

Benefits for you

Treat your existing patients when they can't travel to you
No commitments, work whenever you want, whenever you want
5-20 years Experienced Doctors
Treat more patients per day Australia-wide
Treat patients during quiet times in your clinic
Lucrative Remuneration
Remunerated weekly

What can you do on doctoroo?

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Have a video consultation with patients
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Prepare prescriptions & medical certificates
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Check Patient medical history & medications
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Send prescriptions to pharmacies with one click
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Message patients & pharmacies
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Set your availability times and appointment reminders

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