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How can I book a doctor online?

Your Doctoroo account gives you access to GP's on our platform that you can request a booking with anytime. Here’s how it works:
- Create an account
- Enter your symptoms or reason for the consultation
- Select your preferred doctor and consult time slot
- After entering a payment method, await a confirmation SMS
- Your doctor will call you at the consultation time
- Receive advice, a medical certificate, prescription or referral right after the call

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A doctor online, anytime, anywhere

Gone are the days of having to travel to a doctor, wait hours until you’re seen for something that usually takes just a few minutes. Doctoroo is the platform where you can talk to a doctor online, using any device. Getting online medical advice has never been easier.

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5-20 years experienced doctors
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What else can you do?

Besides having a consultation online, doctoroo also allows you to:
- Get prescriptions for various medications
- Get a medical certificate for work, school, university or sports
- Send your prescription to your nearest pharmacy
- Get Medical Exams, Pathology and Specialist Referrals
- Invite your own doctor and pharmacy to the platform

What can I see the doctor for?

The Doctoroo telemedicine platform allows you to see the doctor for a range of conditions, including:
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Joint Pain
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Mental Health
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Skin issues & rashes
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Travel Illness
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Smoking Cessation
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Sexual health
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Ear problems
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Eye problems
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Stomach & digestive problems
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Colds, flu & RTI’s
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Pregnancy conditions
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Headaches and migraines
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Bites and stings
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Hair loss

For serious or emergency cases, we highly recommend that you always visit the next available GP in person or call 000 for emergencies and not to use an online platform.

What is the cost of a consultation?

Making your doctoroo account is free! Consultation fees vary between GP's and the time of day, but start from approx. $35 per consultation. The pricing works on a per-minute basis, and each GP's fee will be shown on their profile before booking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our highest priority is to provide safe care to our patients. This means that we are unable to prescribe certain medications, including controlled medication, medication that requires specialist prescribing and monitoring and medication that needs to be administered by injection. Our doctors will always have your best interest in mind and recommend the treatment that they think is the most suitable.
Please note that all our prescriptions are issued at the consulting doctor's discretion.
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