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What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is defined as the:

"Use of telecommunication technologies to exchange health information and provide health care services across geographic, time, social and cultural barriers"

~ The International Organisation for Standardisation

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Benefits of Telemedicine & Telehealth

With an increasing number of Australians using telehealth every year MBS Online, there are many situations and people that would greatly benefit from telehealth, including:
- No need to waste time travelling to the Doctor for something that can be simply treated online
- Being filled with sick people, clinics often help the spread of the flu
- You may have a private or embarrassing question or topic you want to discuss with a Doctor
- If your Doctor or Medical Centre isn’t open after hours or on Sundays, you can still be seen and treated.

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5-20 years experienced doctors
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Doctoroo – the telehealth platform with a difference

Our core mission is taking care of you – whether it be by booking a Doctor online, ordering your medication, arranging medication delivery or any of the other features our users love about us.

About our name: The name doctoroo originated with our core mission –taking care of you, anytime, anywhere. Being an extremely fast Australian-native animal with many species being nocturnal, it was a perfect fit for giving fast access to Australians to a doctor, anytime of the day.

Don’t just take our word for it - Backed by science & research

We’re serious about healthcare and about the health of our users. That’s why we’ve made sure doctoroo actually helps you. Telehealth platforms have been studied, and shown to be beneficial in various ways through widely-recognised scientific research and studies.
1. A 2005 study of a telehealth medical evaluation program at five childcare centers found that the program reduced children’s’ absences due to illness by 63% and avoided provider office or emergency room visits in nearly 94% of cases.
2. A study found that telemedicine resulted in the readmission rate being reduced from 20% to 4% as well as a reduction in the length of stay and overall costs.
3.In the US, 74% of patients said they would use telehealth services
4. About 90% of surveyed healthcare executives report that their organizations have already begun developing or implementing a telemedicine program
5. A 2008 UC-San Francisco study compared skin cancer patients who received store and forward tele-dermatology services with patients who received conventional dermatology referrals. The tele-dermatology patients, on average, completed their initial consults in 4 days, versus 48 days for conventionally referred patients
6. A study of post-traumatic stress disorder patients found that telemedicine patients had fewer treatment program drop-outs, 6% versus 29%.

What conditions and symptoms can be treated via telehealth?

Although many conditions require an in-person diagnosis, various other conditions can be diagnosed online, especially if you have a history of the same issue. Some of these conditions include:
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Hayfever & Allergies
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Blood Pressure
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Mouth Ulcers
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Erectile Dysfunction

Any many others

How much does seeing a doctor online cost?

Making your doctoroo account is free! Consultation fees vary between GP's and the time of day, but start from approx. $35 per consultation. The pricing works on a per-minute basis, and each GP's fee will be shown on their profile before booking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Doctoroo is a telemedicine platform with a wide range of qualified and experienced Australian doctors. You can sign up for free, enter your symptoms or reason for the consult, select a doctor, choose a suitable time, enter your payment details and confirm your booking. You’ll then receive an SMS confirmation when your GP has confirmed your consultation. From here, simply have your doctoroo account open, ready to join the video call at the booked time.
Our aim isn't just to better the health of every Australian, but to do so in a private, protected and completely transparent way.
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